A new reality — Social Media for the love of Sanity

We are all going through a new normal. In only a few short weeks the world has changed quite a bit. It seems that reality has copied fiction. All those movies of world wide pandemic and its effects are now a reality.

There are a lot of memes going around expressing how we feel and how we see the situation. The overall consensus is that we needed to push the reset button in order for the planet to heal enough to sustain the human race for years to come.

In these times, I am finding it more difficult to post on this blog. I seem more inclined to post on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Posting uplifting and encouraging posts. Even pocking fun at myself. Looking to make someone smile and forget for just a little while.

Now, more than ever, it is important to take care of ourselves. Our mental, physical and emotional health are important. We know that we need to stay healthy, eat well, sleep well, move everyday, and of course… wash our hands, practice social distancing when walking to the mailbox (or other), stay home, etc. And so I say: A new reality — Social Media Sanity.

Anyone else feel like nature has sent us to our rooms for a time out? Mama needs a break I think. 🌱🌎 Nancy Shimmy Gould

A new reality — Social Media Sanity

Social Networking is a great way to socialize with friends by messaging, sharing photos, videos, and the like. Here is a link where you can read about 65+ of them. The blogger, Jamie, gives us a short description of each.

Which one is your favorite? For private messaging I mainly use SMS or Facebook Messager… especially when chatting or video chatting with my Mom. This one is the easiest one to use for her.

As far as socializing with the rest of the world including clients, friends and family members, I prefer Facebook and Instagram, although I do post on Twitter as well from time to time. And… I can’t believe I’m saying this… I have just recently created and account on TicToc… as a content consumer… but not yet as a content creator. Doh!

Teaching classes and holding meetings

More and more people are now learning to use platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live and FaceTime. It is our new norm in socializing. Most business are now being run from home offices. — business meetings, fitness classes, dance classes, bingo among friends, visiting with family, to name a few.

Now was great time for my parents to get acquainted with the video option in Facebook Messenger. I must say, my Mom who has never like Facebook or any social media platforms is actually enjoying the concept now. She is truly trying to embrace the whole technology thing. I video chat with her at least once a week… I make sure to show her the family and our two fur babies (cats) Lolita and Bubbles. — Makes her day every time.

Last week, I introduced live online classes to my present Essentrics participants. I wasn’t certain what the response would be as the ages vary between 30s to late 70s. I was happily surprised with the response. Cuddos to all of them. They are using Zoom and loving having our “live online” Essentrics classes. I must add here that: My Mom and Dad called me yesterday, and via phone, we got Mom all set-up for my zoom classes. We even had her do a few practice runs at joining a meeting. She is super excited about joining the “live online” Essentrics with us starting this evening.

Take Away

💗 I’m very proud of my parents AND of my participants. It is not an obvious thing for many to use Social Media platforms. The reality is that not everyone has use of these platforms until now, and so, BRAVO everyone. Be proud of yourselves for being brave enough to give it a go.
We are NEVER too old to try and learn something new. 👏👏👏

Yours in health ~ Nancy Shimmy

Blogger / Educator / Essentrics Instructor A Mom, a wife, a friend. A person who tries to see life through the eyes of her inner child. I have passion for life, for family, for learning, and for healing through movement. Finding happiness, health and success through authenticity and simplicity.

Originally published at https://nancyshimmy.com on March 31, 2020.

A Mom, a wife, a friend. I try to see life through the eyes of my inner child. I have passion for life, for family, for learning, and for healing movement.